We will work with you on all stages of your branding process

Branding Identity design



We will work with you on all stages of your branding process, designing trough to implementation, we can start with you as early as an idea, or you can get our assistance in later stages of your branding process, we will provide you with a professional service in planning , design, graphics and everything related to your branding.

Our Process

1 Thinking

During this phase, we delve into your business to understand the brand challenges within the context of your industry. The user experience is then mapped out to define a clear and creative strategy for the entire project.

2 Visualizing

Concepts are now laid out visually and readied for presentation. The conceptual stage is a collaborative process during which we both have the opportunity to discuss ideas and thinking.

3 Crafting

It's about sourcing the right visuals, staging photo shoots, creating illustrations and penning sharp copy. This asset creation is the key to delivering a pitch-perfect message to your target audience.

4 Refining

We've got our creative assets. Now it's time to bring all the approved elements together to start crafting your brand story.

5 Implementing

With the design direction approved the creative can now be applied to the complete scope of project deliverables.

6 Nurturing

Your brand is in the making and because of this, we will continue to nurture and encourage your project post-launch, track its success and stay connected.